Elevate Launch #2

Sat, September 30, 20171:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Be prepared to have fun in games, discussions, & activities.

Saturday, September 30th from 1pm-6pm at Christ Community Church

Participation is the goal, everyone on their cell phones is boring. We will ask everyone to focus and be present and you may have to turn your phone off.

Bring a snack to share: Homemade goodies, fruit or veggies, Little Debbies. No Chips Please!

Wear Comfortable Pants or Shorts...We’ll be sitting on the floor, but also moving around a lot. Feel free to bring a pillow or something similar (without legs) to sit on.

Mandatory...This is the last opportunity to join Elevate! You must attend the entire Launch event to become an Elevate Member.

Questions? Teen Advisor Office: 706.322.6186 or Kathryn@teenadvisors.org

FOR CONTACT DURING LAUNCH: Kathryn Means: 615.598.0319

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