So what is IMPACT 2022?

Impact 2022 is a strategic initiative that is all about how Teen Advisors, Inc. is IMPACTING teens, schools, families, the present, the future, and God’s eternal Kingdom and what that could look like by the year 2022! It is our vision for the future and what we need to be able to get there.

Teen Advisors, Inc. is uniquely situated to impact youth mental health, speak on issues like racism, bullying, and hate, and address teen social pressures, struggles, and choices.


  • Velocity (our 7th and 8th grade program) is approaching record numbers for student membership and involvement. (2016 – 134 students / 2017 – 205 students / 2018 – 258+ students)
  • Elevate (our 9th grade program) is growing, including more interest and requests for elementary school sessions.
  • Teen Advisors (our 10th-12th grade program) has the opportunity to launch new programs at Jordan High School and Spencer High School.

Will you consider joining us on this journey to Impact 2022?


Fundraising Goals for IMPACT 2022

  1. Increase annual funding by $200,000.
  2. Campaign to 100 - add 100 new monthly donors.
  3. Develop signature annual fundraiser.
  4. Reduce program cost for student members.
  5. Maintain no charge for participating schools/peers.
  6. Build new strategic partnerships with community influencers who align with our mission/vision.
  7. Increase program budgets to better serve our students.

Staff Goals for IMPACT 2022

  1. Within the next 2 years:
    1. Velocity team -> from 2 FT staff, 3 PT staff to 3 FT field staff, 1 PT field staff
    2. Elevate team -> from 1 FT staff, 2 PT staff to 2 FT field staff, 1 PT field staff
  2. Within the next 4 years:
    1. TAs -> from 2 FT staff, 3 PT staff to 3 FT field staff, 1 PT field staff
    2. Admin -> from 3 FT staff, 2 PT staff to 3 FT staff, 3 PT staff

Strategic Goals for IMPACT 2022

  1. Launch new programs at Spencer High School, Jordan High School, and Kendrick High School.
  2. Launch new programs at 2 new middle schools.
  3. Strengthen programs at Shaw High School, Jordan High School, Hardaway High School, Harris County High School, and Northside High School.
  4. At least 25 student members at every school where there is an active program.
  5. Conduct 8 middle school assemblies. (currently 5-6)
  6. Conduct classroom sessions at 10 elementary schools. (currently 6-8)
  7. 10 new church partnerships and strengthened partnerships with existing church partners.
  8. Core volunteer base including Team Leaders for every school.
  9. 600 Teen Advisor student members. 280 Velocity, 80 Elevate,  and 240 TA. (currently 491. 258 Velocity, 54 Elevate, 183 TA)
  10. Impact 8,000+ local teens with positive peer pressure. (currently 6,300)
  11. Increase training for youth mental health and child safety. (for both staff and students)
  12. Increase student and staff diversity.
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