Now that you’ve read what we’re about it’s time to join us in making a positive impact in your school! Registration is the first step! To register you’ll give us some information about you and choose a training date – the type of training differs by program, so you can visit the specific program’s page for details. After you register, you’ll get more details about what will happen at training.

To Register, be sure you have…

  • Parental/legal guardian permission
  • Contact information for student and parent(s)/guardian(s)
  • Health insurance information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Your calendar – you’ll be asked to select some dates
  • Payment method
  • Note: We don't want anyone not to join because they simply can't afford to. Need-based scholarships are available for those who need them! Please apply for a scholarship HERE or contact our office for more information. (706-322-6186)

Registration FAQ’s

1. What is Teen Advisors/Velocity?

  1. Teen Advisors/Velocity is a program that helps students live with integrity and serve as positive role models for their peers. All the students sign a contract to be drug and alcohol free and sexually abstinent for the next year. There is an in-school and an out-of-school component. At each school with a TA/Velocity program, the upper-classmen go into classrooms of lower-classmen and present lessons on topics like peer pressure, stress, relationships, family, etc. They talk to the younger students about their own experiences and encourage them to make positive choices. Out of school, TAs/Velocity hosts events and activities for TA/Velocity students across the city where they can have fun without being confronted with drugs or alcohol.

2. What is Elevate?

  1. Elevate is our new program for ninth graders. It’s similar to our former Velocity Vets program, but the new program gives the freshman more ways to connect. Just like TAs and Velocity, Elevate students sign a contract to be drug and alcohol free and sexually abstinent for the next year. They will be able to help with Velocity events, attend events with other Elevate students, attend some Teen Advisors events, and present sessions to fifth graders about what they can expect in middle school.

3. Is TAs/Velocity/Elevate faith-based?

  1. The principles of the programs are based on Judeo-Christian values and principles. Students are not required to be Christians and any event with a Christian focus is optional. Learn more about our values HERE.

4. What if I can’t attend the training event for my age-level program? Can I still join?

  1. Attending a training event is mandatory to join any program (that means VDay for Velocity, Launch for Elevate, and Fall Retreat or Workshop for Teen Advisors). We want each student to have a full understanding of the commitment they’re making and have a chance to form relationships with other students, that’s why we can’t allow a student to join without attending one of our scheduled trainings. There are multiple training options for each program throughout the year; you can find the specific dates on the program’s page.

5. What does the registration fee pay for?

  1. Your registration fee pays for your program’s training event, a t-shirt, supplies for Classroom Sessions, and most events through the year. There are no other mandatory costs – the only additional costs will be to attend select, special activities.

6. Do I have to pay the registration fee when I register?

  1. In order to register online, you'll have to make a payment. If you would like to pay by check or cash, you can mail your registration form and payment to Teen Advisors at PO Box 5305, Columbus, GA 31906 or bring it to our office at 1316 Wildwood Ave.

7. Can I get a scholarship?

  1. You can download a scholarship form HERE.
  2. Submit your scholarship form and you'll receive instructions on how to complete registration.
  3. Scholarships are given based on need. Everyone is asked to pay at least $10 unless they are extreme circumstances that make that impossible.
  4. Scholarship payments have the same deadlines as regular payments.
  5. GS can apply for scholarships in the same way. Just write “Grad Staff” where is asks for your grade.

8. How can I pay my scholarship balance?

  1. You can pay in the office or online. To pay online, use the “Donate” link on the TA homepage; put “Registration” and your name in the memo box.

9. Do I have to fill out a registration form if I was in Teen Advisors/Elevate/Velocity last year?

  1. Yes. We need a new registration form every year that you join one of our programs.

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